10 Commandments of Business and Finance

Explaining The 10 Commandments of Business and Finance

Let’s look at the First Law…

1. Thou shall understand that God does not give money.

Deut 8:18

God does not give money. God gives power or ability. Power means ideas, concepts or innovations. Stop praying for money.

You can be a man that fears God, but if you don’t understand the principles that guarantee financial freedom, you’ll live in penury. You can be spiritually intelligent but financially ignorant.

Poverty does not answer to prayers. You can’t pray yourself out of poverty. Success in business is not even determined by how long you stay in church otherwise we will have more Christian millionaires and billionaires in church.

Look at 2 Kings 4:2

2 questions were asked:

1. What shall I do for thee?

2. What do you have in the house?

For you to live a fulfilled life, you must answer those 2 questions successfully. Your life must be a blend of those 2 questions for you to fulfil purpose.

The 2 questions essentially tell us the 2 major ways by which God operates: Miracles and Principles.

What shall I do for you- Miracles
What do you have in the house- Principles.
Principles are universal and will work for anyone irrespective of belief, faith, gender or location.

Even though God is not a respecter of persons, He is a respecter of principles- so even if an atheist works the principles, it will work for him. God does not violate these principles.

If you believe in miracles only and ignore the principles, you will have a very poor result.

No amount of miracles will change your destiny if you ignore certain principles. Let people lay hands on you from now till eternity, if you’re lazy, you can’t prosper. If you like attend prayer meetings, if you don’t increase your capacity, you’ll be on the same level.

Let me share 6 Things About Money

1. God does not give money

Deut 8:18

God doesn’t give wealth or money- He gives the power, ideas, concepts, know-how to get it.

2. Money is neither good nor evil.

1 Tim 6:10

Money is neither good nor evil. It’s the use to which you put it that matters. Money is just like fire or water. Fire can burn but it can also cook.

Water can wash or clean but it can also drown. Money is a good servant but a bad master.

3. Money is a reward for exchange or transfer of value. You must give value for you to get money.

Pro 14:23

You must do something.

You give your time on a job, you earn salary at the end of the month.

You apply your skills to solve a problem, you get your reward in monetary terms.

You work on an idea that comes to you and execute it properly, you get rewarded financially.

4. How you get your wealth is important

Pro 13:11

Wealth that is not the result of hardwork and integrity will not be permanent. Nothing fraudulent lasts because the fraudster does not understand the principles of financial management.

5. You can’t take money with you but you can shape your eternity with it

Mat 6:19-21

6. Money amplifies your wisdom and gives you influence

Eccl 9:14-16 (Read Contemporary English Version)

Money can give you a voice.

* Maybe we should stop praying for babies too.

“And my God shall supply ALL your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

Emphasis on “ALL”

Trust you got the point?

Praying alone will not bring fourth babies, you have to follow the principles.

1) by getting a partner,
2) making love to your partner,
3) making sure you and your partner are healthy. To be able to bring fourth a child.

Written By Bayo Adeyinka.

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