Tribute To Chief Frank Okonta

No words can describe the way I feel today, 11th November 2019 (Christian Wake).

Uncle Frank, like he is fondly called, was more like a father to me. He was such a great human being – so strong, bold, brilliant a rare larger-than-life kind of character – a pillar that supported our whole family!

Such a huge loss to our family, friends and the entire country.

Back in the mid-80’s, when I first moved in with you, you took me under your wings and raised me like your own child.

I have so many good memories with you that I will cherish forever. You did so much for me and many other people.

You will be much missed…It broke my heart to lose you, Baba.

Chief Frank Okonta…The People’s Chairman.

May the Lord bless you
and keep you.
May He show His face
upon you and have mercy.
May He turn His countenance
to you and give you peace.
The Lord bless you!


Life is just a stepping-stone
A pause before we make it home
A simple place to rest and be,
Until we reach eternity.

Everyone has a life journey,
A path to take with lots to see
God guides our steps along the way,
But we were never meant to stay.

Our final destination is a place
Filled with love, His majesty and grace.

Today we celebrate the life of a loved one
Who has gone before us, the race he has won.
His journey has now ended,
His spirit has ascended
Claiming the great reward
With Jesus, our Lord.

By Nephew, Tony Chiazor.

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