15 Year Old Leah Sharibu: Person Of The Year 2018.

Heroine of faith…her time in captivity must not be allowed to stretch just because she stuck to her faith. 
Mother of Leah Sharibu, the Christian Dapchi girl unreleased by Boko Haram.
For demonstrating the ultimate moral of resistance against religion as weapon of evil, this shero is our person of the year.
Merry Christmas, child of the Most High God. We remember you in our prayers, and trust God protection for you always.
Prayer for those in Captivity:
God, you are a friend of the oppressed.  
Jesus said that he came to release the oppressed. We believe this, and as Jesus followers we carry forward his mission with our prayers of faith. We appeal to you, our God on behalf of your precious children are locked in bondage today, in the 21st century against their will.
Defeat the oppressors. Strengthen those who fight against this oppression. Encourage those who have lost all hope. Mount a rising tide of indignation against this grave offense, this abomination against those you have created in your own image. May nothing keep them from fulfilling their destiny. 
God, we ask you now to end modern day slavery in our day. And use us as you will to answer this prayer.  We pray this in the name of Jesus.  
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