5G: I have been threatened to back off by foreign bodies – Dino Melaye

Former Senator Dino Melaye

The former Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Democratic evangelist and Private Investigator revealed on his twitter handle that he has been threaten by foreigners not to discuss 5G.

Dino Melaye claimed he received two international calls threatening his life after he called for the demobilization of the 5G network, which he says have been mounted in some parts of Nigeria.

Taking to his social media pages on Sunday afternoon April 5, Dino claimed he received two different international calls with the callers threatening his life and warning him to back off the 5G issue. He also alleged that the last caller told him that ‘5G is bigger than Presidents of nations’ and there was nothing he could do about it.

Read his tweet below…

The former Senator on Saturday April 4, described the 5G network as evil and claimed that it’s the cause of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Read previous report below

Coronavirus deaths is caused by 5G network

Dino Melaye has called for the demobilization of 5G network which he claimed has been mounted in some parts of Nigeria.

The former Senator who described 5G network as evil, stated that it kills the immune system, affects the respiratory system, causes cancer and hypertension and indirectly causing the deaths of Coronavirus patients.

He back his statement by sharing videos in which plants growing near a 5G network were affected by the fifth generation of wireless communications technologies.

Dino Melaye stated that some deaths can be avoided by stoping the deployment of 5G network in the country.


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