70-year-old Enugu Woman Who Tested Negative For Corona-virus Dies

A 70-year-old woman suspected of having Coronavirus symptoms in Enugu after arriving Nigeria from United Kingdom last week, has reportedly died.

The daughter of the deceased woman disclosed this in a heart-rending letter he wrote to Ifeanyi Ugwuauyi, Enugu State governor, over the inhumane condition her mother was subjected to before her death.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), revealed on last Sunday, that the test of the suspected isolated case was negative.

The woman, whose identity was not revealed, returned to the country after a five-month visit to her children abroad.

She was said to have boarded an Airpeace flight from Lagos to Imo State, then to Enugu.

According to The Source Magazine, an online publication, she was isolated in a hospital facility in Enugu after showing the symptoms of the disease.

But it took three days to confirm that her blood sample was negative. The report said her family lamented that she was kept “in a facility worse that a pig’s sty and treated like a scum.”

The daughter accused the medical personnel of stigmatising her mother and being unprofessional. She alleged that her mother was not decently treated, as there was no stretcher to move her body.

Ugwuauyi was said to have released N20 million after the woman was isolation, with the lady stating that the state has no arrangement for a disease that has been ravaging the world since December 2019.

She also said her mother was left to die.

She wrote: “Dear RT. Hon. Ifeanyi Igwuanyi

I am writing on behalf of myself and family in regards to the 70 year woman suspected of the Covid -19 in Enugu published on Saturday 14th March 2020. The patient who is my mother, unfortunately passed away on Sunday 15th March 2020, having tested negative to the aformentioned virus. She returned to Nigeria on Wednesday 11th March 2020, after five months trip to the UK to visit her children.

My mother was isolated in a dilapidated environment that seems to have been uninhabitable for a long period of time…

The staff were unprofessional in the way they handled my mother. She was stigmatised, which made her feel worthless.

My mother died due to negligence and unpreparedness of the state in putting adequate facilities including staff training in place. The new strand of the Coronavirus was detected back in December 2019 and it is absolutely disappointing that there is no appropriate isolation centre in Enugu

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