A lovely message to “OUR NORTHERN BRETHRENS”.

Fulani Sadiqa Sanusi

Upon all the hallucinations over the dethronement of Sanusi, I have today learnt a very big lesson when his counsels went to the court to seek for judicial lift of his banishment.

The lesson I learnt is how he tried hard to educate the northerners on the responsibilities shouldered upon them and how they should take care of their families and how to manage them. All these unnecessary accusations labelled against his personality is because of his effort to see that our primitive way of life is changed and this is the thing that our people doesn’t wanted earlier.

In the team of his lawyers, there is his daughter who studied law and she is today, practicing it and that is why she is involved in his legal team that went to court to see that those touts who wanted to deny him his right and freedom of movement is never tempered with by this power drunkard villagers who never think of the consequences of their actions and their destinations in the next three years to come.

SLS has done his own part perfectly and he has proven that by involving his own daughter to be part of his legal team.

I wish all northern parents will stand up to their responsibilities of good parenting and they could be able to reason why he so much cares about girl child education and so many things he has said when he was the emir of Kano.

Is now left for the northerners to reason and go back to his words which they kicked against earlier, this will go a long way in reshaping the thinking faculties of our people.

Sanusi has proven to all of us that he always match his words with actions and he doesn’t just talk but acts.

This is indeed, a very good lesson to all of us.

As Mallam Nasiru El-Rufa’i said, SLS is now a global citizen, his capacity, popularity, love and support is beyond just northern Nigeria, Nigeria, and Africa, he is a man who is celebrated globally.

Written By – Aleeyu Nafeeu Entifa

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