Abule Egba Fire Finally Put Out At 3:30AM

The fuel pipeline fire that rocked Abule Egba area of Lagos on Sunday and killed three persons including a boy had finally been put out by men from fire service stations from both the Federal and Lagos State governments by 3:30 a.m. on Monday.

The officials from the Nigerian National petroleum Corporation (NNPC) from Mosimi Sagamu in Ogun State had also finished sealing up of the spot of the ruptured pipeline where the fuel had been stolen 30 minutes earlier.

They all left the scene of the incident at exactly 3:45 a.m. leaving only the policemen on ground.

The fire fighters, however, who monitored the process said that they had to take their leave from the scene having ascertained that there was no more cause for alarm.

They said apart from exhausting all their water, the level at which they quenched the fire would not make it reignite again.

“And even if it is reignited, it would not be at the dangerous portion of the scene. So, we don’t need to wait again as we are intended to return here at the wake when we would go round the entire area where the fire had spread to in case our service would be needed,” one of the officials mentioned on condition of anonymity.

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