ADC To Deputy Governor Of Kwara State Resigns Following Attack On Police Inspector

Mr. Kayode Alabi deputy governor kwara state

According to reports reaching us, more revelations are beginning to trail the ruffian attitudes of Mr. Kayode Alabi , the Deputy Governor to Mallam Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq and who is made to head the committee fighting the ravaging covid19 pandemic in the state.

The disgraceful act occurred yesterday at the kwara state government lodge where the highly intoxicated Deputy Governor slapped one Inspector Peter Joseph , one of the police officers deployed from B-Operation(B-OPS) to keep guard at the Deputy Governor office.

According to an inside source , the deputy Governor being an uncouth drunkard had drunken himself to stupor all through the night of Wednesday in the government house when he knows he was billed to attend a Covid19 committee meetings around 8am in the morning.

However, when his Aide De Camp, ADC noticed how highly intoxicated he was at that morning, the ADC told him he would not allow him to leave the lodge unless he gets over the influence of excessive alcohol he had consumed over night.

The ADC believed releasing the Deputy Governor to attend such a meeting may open the government to public embarrassment, hence, he locked the entrance door and directed two police officers including Inspector Peter Joseph to watch over the deputy governor and prevent him from leaving the lodge.

After the ADC had communicated this to him, the Deputy Governor insisted he would attend the meeting and that he would proceed with or without his security details . The highly drunken Kayode Alabi thereafter forced the entrance door opened , headed towards the already padlocked gate and attempted to jump over the government house fence. One of the police officers directed to watch him , Inspector Peter Joseph quickly ran to grab and drag him down from the fence .

This action infuriated the Deputy Governor who then attacked the policeman , turning him to a punching bag while slapping him several times. The yelling of the police officer attracted attentions of the ADC who later came to rescue the officer from the hands of the highly intoxicated deputy governor

According to top informant from the Deputy Governors office, the ADC was so bittered that the Deputy Governor could act in such uncultured manner to a fellow police officer and he immediately tendered his resignation verbally to the Deputy Governor.

As I’m talking to you , the ADC had already resigned from further working with the Deputy Governor following the attack on one of the policemen attached to Deputy Governor office , the ADC told Mr Kayode Alabi he could no longer work with him and left immediately yesterday. This is not the first time this deputy governor will be attacking police officers on their duties” said a source.



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