An Investigation Into Federal College Of Land Resources Technology Owerri

A twitter user with the handle @Truthfully83 twits his findings…


A place where corruption has bastardized education and learning.

My findings are better imagined, than told.

Part time lecturers are paid, as low as #5,000 to #7,500 per month.

This school, is a degree awarding institution, under the Federal ministry of Agriculture & rural development
@FmardNg, & directly under the supervision of the minister of Agriculture Nanono Sabo

But sadly, it is the citadel of corruption. Known or unknown to the minister.

A look into the illegal activities of the school shows that, 90% of it’s HOD’s are grossly unqualified to hold such positions.

It is absurd to imagine HND holders, appointed HOD’s above Msc holders. Grade level 7 lecturers appointed HOD’s above grade level 8 or 9 lecturers.

Example is in agricultural engineering, the HOD/COORDINATOR is level 7, while you have masters degree, and more than level 8 holders there.

That is exactly what you will find at, the Federal College of Land Resources Technology Owerri. Who knows the provost, or who is loyal to the provost, gets the appointment.
Without recourse to qualifications or competence. Majority of the lecturers are grossly unqualified.

The institution is so corrupt to the extent that, you will find academic staffs with the school, working in 2 or 3 places. Most lecturers are on state, & federal government payroll. For instance, the former registrar who just retired recently, was also a school principal.

A lecturer in Federal College of Land Resources Technology, is also with Imo poly and a staff with fecolart. I challenge the Federal ministry of Agriculture and rural development
@FmardNg, and the honorable minister of Agriculture Nanono Sabo, to investigate my claims.

But the worst hit by the illegal activities of this institution, are the PART TIME LECTURERS, and the NONE ACADEMIC STAFF. Their case is quite pathetic, that leaves a sour taste in the mouth. THESE FELLOWS, HAS LOST ALL DIGNITY OF LABOUR.

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