Apostle Suleman misleading people: Accusing the pope of being part of a Coronavirus conspiracy

Twitter User @walegates has this to say about Apostle Suleman…


Apostle Suleman is putting people’s lives at risk, he has no training in what he is talking about. HeavenFace with rolling eyes knows which conspiracy website he’s reading from.

He is advising people not to get tested. That’s dangerous.

The Jesus Industry needs to chill out, we dont need extra misinformation added to this problem.

It’s not #COVID19 vs Christianity or #coronavirus vs Islam….
Your religion will still be here after this, it’s not the end of the world.

Apostle Suleman! It’s not everything that’s sent to you on WhatsApp that you should open & read out.

1. Full Version: Its 7+ minutes long.. before you lot say I misinterpreted him…

2. “The World is Finished if Trump doesn’t win 2nd term”

3. ‘Social Distancing is Anti-Christian’

4. He’s going to be healing #COVID19 #coronavirus from Next Week.

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