Lt. Col. U.K. Bello

Another April 22nd is here and its been thirty years since Lt. Col. U.k Bello was killed in a failed military coup that took place on the 22nd of April, 1990.
He was born a prince on the 5th of April, 1952 at Paiko town where his father was a traditional ruler.
He got his early education at the Northern Authority Boarding Primary School Minna in 1960 and Government College, Bida where he attended secondary school before enlisting in the 9th regular course of the Nigerian Defense Academy in 1970.
He was a platoon commander AHQ Recce Squadron in 1973, adjutant 5 recce regiment in 1977 and was ADC to Chief of Staff Supreme Headquarters – General Shehu Musa Yar’adua in 1979, was also Officer Commanding Company, Task Force 203 Battalion, Military Assistant to Chief of Army Staff, Commanding Officer 231 Tank Battalion, Commanding Officer 241 Recce Battalion and ADC to Commander in Chief, General Ibrahim Babangida from june 1987 to 22nd April, 1990 when he was killed.
Some of his friends and course mates were General Yakubu Mua’azu, Tony Nyiam, Buba Marwa, Stephen Yhedima, Almustapha Jokolo and others. His best friend Almustapha Jokolo was the ADC to Head of State General Muhammadu Buhari, while U.K Bello later became ADC to General Ibrahim Babangida, both maintaining a robust friendship even though their bosses later became estranged for a history we are all familiar with.
Today marks the 30th anniversary of his death and we pray that Allah is granting him eternal rest.
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