Asari Dokubo attacks Nnamdi Kanu over Ekweremadu.

Former Niger Delta militant leader, Asari Dokubo as described Nnamdi Kanu as an ingrate and monster in reaction to the attack on former deputy senate president, Ike Ekweremadu.

Ekweremadu was attacked by members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, in Germany over the weekend. According to them, he couldn’t be having fun while Fulani herdsmen rape and kill Igbo women.

Reacting to the news, Asari Dokubo lamented the treatment meted to Ekweremadu who according to him played a huge role in the release of IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

Asari said: “Fellow Biafrans, I saw this coming that a fellow Frankenstein Monster was being created. I saw the signal, saw the red flag and I warned that if something is not done about Nnamdi Kanu, he would consume the Igbo people.

I took time after the latest attack on one of our finest and best lawmaker, Ike Ekweremadu, who I know very well was one of those who made this ingrate called Nnamdi Kanu to come out of prison. I’m privy to most of the discussion and I feel very sad that I was part of those meetings.

Ekweremadu and Abaribe were the arrow heads that moved for the release of this ingrate called Nnamdi Kanu.

That Ekweremadu will be attacked, disgraced and his clothes torn for what purpose and to achieve what is unexplainable.

If this dangerous trend is stopped among Igbo Biafrans, where one man abrogate to himself the right to give life and pronounce death, then he will be in fire because others will fight him.

Fulani herdsmen are killing people and I have not heard cowardly IPOB raising their hands to defend the South East, it’s only to sneak in the night and kill fellow Igbo Biafrans.

“Shame on all those supporting it, what contribution did Nnamdi Kanu’s father or mother gave to the Biafra liberation struggle, who is Nnamdi and his father. If he don’t rise up against this evil and send this miscreant out of our house, this is the time to send them out.”

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