Away Match: Ned Nwoko May Be Regina Daniels’ Biological Father.

With new turns and twists Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko’s relationship continue to trend in Nigeria.

A source who claims to be quite close to Regina Daniels and her family has revealed to Happenings that Ned Nwoko who is allegedly her Sugar Daddy husband is her real father after all.

Recall that it has been quite a media storm between Regina Daniels and delta billionaire business man Ned Nwoko, who the media have romantically linked to the child actress.

Furthermore, the gossip mills are speculating that Regina Daniels is Ned Nwoko’s 6th wife, as proof of Nwoko’s financial largess she is currently enjoying.

According to this source who prefers to remain anonymous, Regina Daniels’ mother, Rita reportedly had her outside of her marriage to her former husband and never disclosed the identity of her child’s biological father, until recently.

The source went on to speculate that by some stroke of luck, Ned Nwoko found out that the popular actress was his biological daughter, thus to make up for lost time has taken to showering Regina and her mother with mind blowing financial gifts.

This is nothing short of a scene from a Nollywood movie, in hindsight.

The source also explains that Regina isn’t allowed to speak about the true nature of her relationships with Ned Nwoko who is currently vying for a political seat in Delta State.

Allegedly the news of their relationships has made Ned gain more clout and his resort have seen an increase in visitors, since the media broke news of his marriage to Regina Daniels.

Caught in the crossfires is none other than Regina’s boyfriend and fellow actor, Somadina. As fans of the actress are trolling him for losing his girlfriend to a much older man, old enough to be her grandfather.

An outraged Somadina took to his Instagram page to show his outrage and have warned social media trolls to let him be.

As it stands, Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko’s rumoured romantic involvement continues to take new turns. Meanwhile the young actress continues to live her best life as she is landing more movie roles.

She is also garnering more respect as an A-list celebrity in Asaba, her state of residence.

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