Baby Strangled in an Uncompleted Building as Mother Went Out to Buy Things.

A 3-year-old baby got strangled in an uncompleted building after the mother left her to buy food items in the market this morning.

The baby reportedly left the room while playing and climbed the stairs to the unsecured balcony. While at the balcony her cloth got trapped by rod and was strangled to death on the process.

Facebook user who reported this incident wrote –

“This 3 year old baby was left alone in the house by her mum who rushed out to buy something from the market.

She got out of the room and climbed the stire case of an uncompleted building in the compound and got to the unsecured balcony and her cloth got trapped by this rod that strangled her to death.

Please instead of leaving ur child alone at home, why not take her to ur neighbor’s place.
May her soul rest in peace.

God please protect your children in Jesus Christ Name. Amen!…Wat is happening

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