BEHIND EVERY GREAT man is a great woman

But who stands behind the world’s dictators?

Called “the Kate Middleton of North Korea” by the Global Post, Ri Sol-ju was only last year “outed” as the supreme leader’s wife, having previously stood, unidentified, in photos with him.

Little is known about her other than she’s about 30 years old and comes from a well-to-do North Korean family.

However, the rumour mill has been churning out stories that she may have shot a homemade porn film, and that she once led a promiscuous lifestyle; unproven reports claim that her husband ordered nine musicians who were supposedly perpetuating these rumours executed, says NBC World News.

Her husband: Kim Jong-un took over the role of Supreme Leader when the country was already in trouble, with skyrocketing poverty and starvation rates. Still, the supreme leader himself lives a “seven-star party lifestyle”.

Since taking power, he has replaced more than 40 per cent of the nation’s military leaders and other officials who served under his father in order to, according to analysts, show that he is a secure enough leader that he can shed his closest support, the Wall Street Journal reports.

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