BITING your nails can seriously increase your risk of contracting corona virus

There are so many infections going around this time of year, from bacterial to viral to the flu. But then on top of that, given that we now have this corona virus, there’s even more reason not to bite your nails.”

Sadly, there’s no magic solution for many people when it comes to stopping biting their nails, but there are a few steps you can take to try and kick the habit.

The first thing to do is to try and work out what your triggers are. Some people bite their nails when they’re bored, others when they’re stressed.

If stress is the cause, consider finding another habit – some people use an elastic band around their wrist, which they ping when they’re stressed.

Or relaxation exercises or mindfulness may be for you.

If it’s boredom, find something to fiddle with – a stress ball or a Rubik cube – and try reaching for that.

“Chewing gum can also keep your mouth occupied.”

Using a nail clipper to keep them down, and even, will mean you’re less likely to bite them if there’s nothing there to sink your teeth into.

“Cutting your nails short may make chewing less satisfying, and liquids you can paint on, which make your fingers taste unpleasant, are also worth considering.”

As yet, there’s still no cure for the new outbreak of corona virus, which has infected more than 96,000 people.

Corona virus is an airborne virus, spread in a similar way to colds and the flu.

It is incredibly contagious and is spread through contact with anything the virus is on as well as infected breath, coughs or sneezes.

This means that anyone who is infected can pass it on to any surface or person they breathe on or touch.

It has been said that, the simplest way everyone can help stop the spread of corona virus is washing their hands regularly.

Public Health Officers recommends scrubbing every bit of skin from your wrist downwards for at least 20 seconds, focusing on one hand at a time.

Some supermarkets have run out of hand sanitize gel but Public Health officers warns only products with at least 60 per cent alcohol are effective against corona virus.

Many products made for sensitive skin contain less than 60 per cent.

A recent study published showed hand-washing is the best way to cut the risk of catching a disease such as corona virus – reducing the odds by 54 per cent.

The public has also been urged to clean their smartphone screens twice a day with alcohol wipes to help combat the spread.

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