Bobrisky receives new iPhone 11 from man who bashed his car and smashed his phone.

A Nigerian man who bashed Bobrisky’s new Range Rover and smashed his iPhone 11 has bought the crossdresser a new phone.

After a video which made rounds yesterday showing Bobrisky getting physical after his car was bashed, the man in question is now seeking for peace after cooling off in the Police cell.

According to reports, the guy who hit Bobrisky’s car went as far as smashing his iPhone 11 for taking pictures of his number plate.

However, Bobrisky in an update after the incidence, said the guy after bail, must buy the iPhone and must repair his car which is currently pending.

OAP, Daddy Freeze has now interviewed the man where he revealed that he had no idea he bashed Bobrisky’s car until the crossdresser jumped on him and started attacking him and his car.

Angered by that, he had to retaliate furiously and as much as damaging his iPhone. He further revealed that he has also bought Bobrisky a new phone.

Watch the video below:

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