Bukola Saraki Speaks on increased cost of essential consumable items and China loans

Dr, Bukola Saraki

The former President of the Nigerian Senate, Dr. Bukola Saraki, has no remorse on the way he and Dino Melaye were stopped from returning to the Ninth Senate by the All Progressives Congress (APC) government; he ridiculed President Muhammadu Buhari that governance has gone worse while himself and Melaye are out of the way in the National Assembly.

Saraki celebrated that the APC accused him and Dino Melaye of sabotaging President Buhari from performing in governance, accusing them of cooperating with the Opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to frustrate the president. He noted that they have been taken out of the way, yet, Nigerian has gone worse within 15 months of Buhari’s second term.

Saraki on his page on a social media platform narrated;

When I was the Senate President, they said I and Dino Melaye were the ones who prevented Buhari from working in the first tenure, accusing us of working with the opposition PDP then to frustrate the Buhari government.

They forced us out of the party, and we returned to our original home, the PDP.

They worked tirelessly to ensure I and Dino never returned to the senate to perfect all their game plans against Nigerians.

Today, the coast is clear for them, and just within 15 months into the second coming of Buhari, the foundation of Nigeria is already quavering with unnecessarily increase of prices of essential consumable items and services.

China becomes our new colony with the level of loans.

Saraki, however, assured Nigerians that divine intervention will occur someday to save the country from bad leadership. According to Saraki, “this will not continue forever, God will rise and deliver Nigerians from the common enemies of our dear nation.”

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