Businessman who attempted suicide over 11m debt saved.

38 year old Bayelsa based man identified simply as Mr. Teidei Simon Oze, was on Saturday 28th December, 2019, saved from going through with the act

It was learnt that with just two days left to the due date of the said loan, Oze resorted to taking his own life as he saw no means to repay the lump sum which he owed the local government chairman in the state.

According to reports, the indigene of Southern Ijaw Local Government Area who owns a gas station along the Amassoma road, was rescued from the suicide attempt by one of his workers who over heard his grappling with his last breath.

While the failed attempt has since thrown his workers and business associates into apprehension with many attributing the move to desperation and pressure from those he was indebted to, others claimed the December 31 deadline take-over plan handed by those he owed including the former Nembe Local Government Council Chairman pushed him to carry out the act.

Though members of his family are excited that it was a foiled attempt, they cannot but worry over the financial state of things, especially as the beginning of a new year approaches

It was gathered that Oze, who showed signs of apprehension over his inability to meet the 31st December 2019, for the payment of about N7.6million amount purportedly remaining, took the extreme action out with suicide but the attempt failed and he was rescued.

A family source claimed the troubled Oze, after his rescue, was quoted as saying, “out of eleven million naira (11m) which I borrowed, to pay seventeen million naira (17m), a deal with interest of seven million naira (7m) to be paid.

“The seven million (7m) interest had been paid and the 3.4m out of the 11m capital also paid but I was given a mandate to pay all seven million, six hundred thousand naira (7.6m) before the 31 of December this year is worth taking one’s live,” he added.

Another family source was also quoted that the embattled Oze had claimed that a popular Miracle Church in Warri Delta State on the 17th of December 2017, had promised to assist him some huge amount of money allegedly put together by its congregation but such pledge had not been fufilled.

The former Bayelsa Local Government Chairman, names withheld, who spoke with newsmen under anonymity, described the attempted suicide by his business associate as “extreme action.”

He confirmed the debt being owed by the troubled Teidei Simon Oze , insisting that “Ask him to show you the agreement and you will see that it has expired since 2 years ago. Someone like him did similar thing in the past, collected money with a petrol station along AIT Elebele road as a collateral and when couldn’t pay left the petrol station.”

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