Church reopening led to decline in COVID-19 cases — Oyedepo

Oyedepo said this on Saturday, September 5, during the church’s Covenant Hour of Prayer.

The general oversee said COVID-19 had continued to decrease after churches were re-opened cirting Lagos and Ogun states as case study for his assertion.

It was reported that Oyedepo had agitated for the reopening of churches when Hotels, markets were reopened after the lock down by the federal government.

I’ve never seen where people think like that. The Church is ordained a solution centre for the world. This data is a clear evidence that the Church has the solution; when we pray, God hears.

“Thank God for the prayers we pray in the house; there is a prayer we pray in the Temple where the fire comes from Heaven and consumes the sacrifice. That’s why we are here. Jesus is Lord,” he said.

Oyedepo prophesied that zero cases will be recorded from now. “From now, they will start recording zero, zero, zero cases of coronavirus,” he declared. Churches in Lagos were re-opened on August 9, while Ogun state government lifted the ban on churches on August 16.

In reaction to the reopening of churches in both states, the cleric had said he believes the decision of both state governments signalled the defeat of the devil.

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