Covid-19 Omicron Variant: Africa Must Unite

“African virus has reached our Shores.”

* This is nonsense…

A virus that most likely came to Africa from Europe is being depicted as black and South African.

The omicron response from the international community has exposed deep seated anti Africa sentiment that must be addressed.

* Which disease originated from Africa that went to Europe?

For the past 500 years they transported sickness to Africa but now blame us for their doings. In exchange, they have been taking our minerals which made them very rich and powerful as their sicknesses kill us. Hypocrisy!!!

~ Africa does not have leaders ~

The Europeans will continue to insult us because we are led by fools. How can the entire Africa fail to develop their own vaccine?

Why are we still dependent on the west for our countries survival?

It is time Africa unite and do her thing.

Rebranding COVID 19 into an African issue is happening right in front of our eyes.

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