COVID-19 : We should be extremely concerned how it will affect the most vulnerable

The worst health crisis of a generation is challenging the world.
Although children appear to be less impacted by COVID-19 than older adults, the pandemic will affect the environment in which they grow and develop. Experience of working on the Ebola crisis shows health emergencies affect girls and boys, women and men differently.
The challenges for children, particularly girls, range from disruption to education, increased risk of sexual violence and negative impacts on their mental health. These impacts will be much greater in poorer families.
How active is the NCDC in large refugee camps and with families who have been displaced, usually as a result of conflict?
These families live in crowded spaces often with poor hygiene, sanitation and health services. The impact of the virus would be catastrophic for these people.
With over 200 million people and a dynamic and interconnected economy, Nigeria is in a precarious position as the country implements measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 and to provide adequate health care to those affected.
Nowhere is at more risk than the three Northeastern states, where a decade long humanitarian crisis has resulted in over 1.2 million people being displaced from their homes, and where access to even basic health care is extremely limited.
Please we should take the covid-19 pandemic extremely serious.
People are at a higher risk of getting severe COVID-19 disease.
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