Cryptic Pregnancy scam in Nigeria explained!!

Do not believe those lies. It’s only in cryptic pregnancy that a woman is pregnant for years. They give birth when the babies they paid for are available or when they complete payment. I repeat do not be deceived.


Pregnancy is meant to last for 280 days which is 40 weeks in humans

Some babies can still survive two additional weeks.

After 42 weeks, the placenta starts aging rapidly & the water that provides food for them also starts drying up.


So what has the baby been feeding on for 8 years?

Then how come baby isn’t getting older in those 8 years?

We all know how an 8 year old looks, can that be in a woman’s tummy?

Can the owners of this babies do agree to a DNA test?

They call it cryptic pregnancy. The videos in this thread has exposed them

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