Daddy Freeze kicks as Madagascar demand payment from Nigeria for COVID-19 herbal remedy

OAP Daddy Freeze has reacted to the request by Madagascar for N78.2 million to be paid for the COVID-19 herbal remedy which was sent to Nigeria.

Recall that Nigeria stated that its own portion of the herbal remedy is currently in Guinea Bissau and will be subjected to analysis before it can be approved for usage.

Reacting to the development, Daddy Freeze stated that the demand is criminal and it would be mad for Nigeria to key into it.

He tweeted:

“Aren’t we mad? Like totally mad? Charging N72 million Naira for an untested, unverified, AGBO that has a 40% success rate (so far only 144 have recovered out of 304 cases), is CRIMINAL! Trying to sell it while exploiting the sentiments and emotions of pan Africanism is subhuman!”

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