DCP Tunde Disu recalls a sad moment in his life.

15yrs ago when I was the DPO Ago Iwoye, I led a team to Ijebu Igbo to arrest a cultist at night. We gained access into his house, behold! he was waiting for us with a rifle. I was in front with a Sgt. The cultist shot at us and hit the Sgt beside me on d left arm and escaped.

The room became dark with the smoke from the gun, and I could hear the sound of blood hitting the floor like water. The Sgt said “Oga Dey have shot me, Oga I am dying”. He was rushed to the hospital, I didn’t go with them, because I was sad, depressed and felt I failed to Protect him, more so we were together in front and nothing touched me.

The Sgt regained full use of his arm after a year and the suspect was arrested at Modakeke. The incident traumatized me for years.

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