Differentiating between identical twins is difficult; if you’ve not known them long enough.

APC and PDP are identical twins from the same ruling/political elite – I agree.
But I’ve known two sets of identical twins in my life and I learnt a lesson I should share about them.
Seniors Tonte and Telema were identical twins in my secondary school and I couldn’t differentiate them so I ran into trouble with them often because they were mischievous.
One would send me on errand and I’ll deliver to the other only to find out it wasn’t the correct sender.
Someone eventually pointed out how to differentiate them – one’s head was bigger than the other and even their uniforms were a bit different.
I couldn’t tell them apart initially because I lazily said “they’re identical twins, nobody can tell them apart”.
In the University, it was Taiwo and Kehinde, both ladies of very similar features – stature and facially.
I complained shortly after I met them to one of their closer friends and she seriously said “They don’t look alike”.
It took me a while but eventually, I could say same.
Anyone who thinks APC and PDP are the same doesn’t know enough about politics, only a little.
They may know many things – economics, agriculture, cow-herding or rocket science but not politics in Nigeria since 1999 at least or even as far as the Second Republic.
To know the difference between APC and PDP is a matter of looking closely by yourself but I can give you a few hints:
PDP was formed from G34 – the only national alliance against the military. The goal as a party was to ensure no ethnicity is pushed aside.
APC is North + SW.
This subtle but simple difference is why APC has problems governing Nigeria and why a Goodluck Jonathan from the SS could never become President under such a formation.
Which Northerners will speak for him in APC (didn’t exist) in 2011 as dozens of them did in the PDP?
Some of us prayed and God answered when Buhari was ill, that he shouldn’t die.
If anything had happened, there is no way chaos would not have broken out – APC is a party of ethnic hegemonists with the Northern hegemonists as the senior partner to the SW hegemonists.
Another key difference is the absence of statesmen in APC – no single person can call President Buhari to ‘order’ on any issue.
In PDP, ex-this, ex-that will sit you down as President, ask for permission to speak freely and tongue-lash you.
Those who know this, know it well.
Recently, IBB spoke about the PDP National Convention – Obasanjo was also in Abuja that weekend – those who understand political moves know the roles they played.
APC was an emergency formation of the power elite to force power from the man whom they didn’t plan to empower.
Last difference I’ll point out is how candidates emerge in both parties: in PDP, if you have enough money, popularity and ability to cause chaos, you can get the ticket.
In APC, your father must have a name (SW especially) or you must be anointed by the fiefdoms that exist.
This last one is a bit common in PDP also but worse in APC. In PDP, just have enough ability to cause chaos and small popularity – they will call you and concede or beg you.
Ask 9ice and Kenny Saint Brown about APC – I laughed crazy when I heard the gist but not out of mockery.
The differences I highlighted are the ones I’ve seen for myself only by looking closely and anyone who says they’re identical twins is correct only because they’re from the same womb of Nigeria’s political elite.
Identical twins aren’t the same though: even if you can’t see it.
If those who told you “let’s try APC” in 2015 because they thought they’ll be part of the APC Govt are now telling you “APC and PDP are the same”; maybe it’s time you did your research by yourself and look for subtle differences.
You have no excuse: I’ve given you some pointers.
* Article Written by Demola Olarewaju.

628 thoughts on “Differentiating between identical twins is difficult; if you’ve not known them long enough.

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