Dowen College: Share your Secondary School Experience With Bullies

Una well-done Ooo, my people.

Bullying behaviour often emerges in childhood, and the consequences for victims can last a lifetime. But what makes a child become a bully?

Share Your Secondary School Experience With Bullies…

We’ve all heard the sad story about the kid that died from injuries sustained from the beatings from bullies.

And I want to believe some of us here have experienced something similar from seniors while in secondary school, or even higher institution.

Please share your experience, so we can learn a thing or two.

* UP GREGS! God Bless ‘Bros Ade’ (Heard he is late now).

…na we dey jump jungle city fence that year to go chop “Hot Rice” for Odo Street, CVU or buy sugar coated puff puff from alhaja.

GOD BLESS MY SENIORS DAT YEAR TOO. Na dem incorporate us for the marra.

Once in awhile, we go also chop “Oga Omoera” cane when caught in the act.

I remember one time, I was suspended and asked to bring my parent(s) upon resumption.

I go rent one Obalende “old school” Hausa Ashe as mama, not knowing our vice-principal then, knew my mom one on one. Trust my mom with her “Back Hand” (tis na story for another day).

If you know, you know.

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