Easy Home Remedies For Quick Ejaculation…..

Quick Ejaculation has been a problem to most men from time immemorial. Imagine after telling her I will pound your brains out when you come. Or I will make sure you walk back home with K leg and then when she finally visit you and it’s time for hot kpa kpa kpa, you then cum within few seconds of thrusting in and out.

Some men even ejaculates by mere seeing their woman’s nakedness. This is a total turn off to all ladies. Even your virgin wife will complains if you can’t at least pound her well for 15-30 mins before you finally cum.

Anyway, below is a simple home remedy to tackle quick ejaculation.


1). Bitter Kola
2). Dates (Dobino in Hausa language)
3). Liquid Milk

An hour before action, take 2 bitter kola and chew. After that, eat 7 dates and drink the liquid milk.

Your body will be fully charged for good pounding if you do this an hour before the sex.

Gorontula erases traces of Quick Ejaculation, weak Erection, low sperm count and low sex drive from men.


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