Electricity: Tackling ‘Estimated Billing’ Fraud, “Buhari Stop subsidizing DISCO’s and GENCO’s.”

My position has always been that Nigerians don’t mind paying more for WHAT THEY USE. Why? Because they already pay more buying fuel to power generators.

What Nigerians have a problem with is payinɠ more for WHAT THEY DO NOT USE. This is why metering must come before tariff hikes.

Think about this…

You have about 3months to complete your house, you apply for a meter through the Meter Agency who gets it direct from the Meter Manufacturers and install.

You don’t have any business with the DISCO’s, no need for estimated bill because no meter no light.

The DISCOs are the problem and President Buhari should gather the political will to break them with Meter Agency domesticated in states under NERCNG.

Pressure will now be on the Meter Agency by both Manufacturers and DISCOs because the manufacturer wants to sell meter and the DISCOs want to sell power.

But current arrangement only favours DISCOs because they make consumers pay what they didn’t consume via estimated billing.


Subsidies Meter Manufacturing Companies and create an Agency saddled with the Responsibilities of metering homes domesticated in every states Independent from the DISCO’s.

The DISCOs are not interested in metering homes because it Is an avenue to defraud Consumers with estimated bills.

Sir, I advice the Metering Agency ,like NERCNG will have the sole responsibility of installing meters & not the responsibility of the DISCOs.

It will be illegal for a consumer to apply for meter from the agency in 60 days And not get metered.

Anything short from this will not end the sufferings of Nigerians who are defrauded billions of naira monthly by the DISCOs.

Mater Manufactures can’t spend so much money to set up companies, produce meters & the DISCOs refuse removing them for consumers Because of estimated bills they enjoy.

Mr President, please help poor Nigerians and this ripoff .

By Eguando Twitter Handle @teguando1

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