Emir Sanusi Lamido: From the dethronement, Banishment, Court Order and Release From Exile, Was Stage-Managed.

Soooooo Sanusi Lamido’s lawyers filed the application for the enforcement of his fundamental human rights two days ago.

The Chief Judge received the application and assigned it to a judge the same day.

The court sat immediately and the application was heard and granted the same day. The court order was enrolled and served the same day.

The court order was also enforced the same day, with Sanusi seen released from exile instantly. All of these happened within 30 hours.

Hahaha hahaha hahaha….

Any practicing lawyer in Nigeria will tell you that this is a poorly-written script.

From the dethronement, to the banishment, to the court order and the release from exile, everything was stage-managed and totally qualifies as hilarious nonsense and ingredients!”

Wriiten By
Shola Salako

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