#ENDSARS: Youths finally giving Nigeria true Independence in 2020 By James King

Ladies and gentlemen,
We are living in a moment of history. Nigeria just got her true Independence in 2020…via the youths.
The oppressors sent everything to stop it , ..tear gas, water cannons, guns with bullets which killed protesters, thugs with cutlasses, weapons etc
  • Yet we the youths remained PEACEFUL and undaunted.
  • The oppressors also sent heavy rains (don’t ask me how 😂)
  • Yet the youth kept protesting in the rains.
The oppressors actually forgot we did our NYSC parades and “sang under heavy rain and sun”.
When the oppressor’s appex bank allegedly shut down the Flutterwave’s link for donations, the youthful protesters went Crypto to support the protest.
In less than one hour $300,000 worth of Bitcoin was donated.
This is the most uncoordinated co-ordination I have ever seen.
Funding, food, shelter, environmental sanitation of the protest venues, music/entertainment.
Even quick responses such as FREE MedicAid (youth doctors), LegalAid (youth lawyers), etc are on swift response.
The oppressors underrated our motivation.
When we remember oir family members killed by policemen or the soldiers threats and cocking of their guns at us for no reason, …that’s when we double our hours and fearlessness at the protest grounds.
The youth also slept on the streets.
Cold nights.
Cold streets.
After the protest, sorts and refuse were neatly packaged and removed.
Food well supplied.
We must birth a New Nigeria.
The giant of Africa has just been tapped to wake up.
I am so happy to be alive to witness this.

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