Etsako West: Oshiomole arrives Ikabigbo for Late Pa Tenebe burial Ceremony.


It was a thunderous welcome for Comrade Aliyu Oshiomole today, at Ikabigbo community in Etsako West Local Government,during the burial ceremony of late Pa Chief Tenebe (father of ex-Edo Commissioner, Hon.Henry Tenebe).

Late Chief Tenebe.

Suddenly, the wind took charge of the atmosphere as the cumulous weather heralded Oshiomole’s entry into the arena with the echo of *Baba deedee o yoyo! Oshoba o yoyo!* these rented the air as his presence was noticed.

His appearance melted away the darkness that shrouded the weather. in his usual grandstanding style, he  dramatically changed the sitting arrangements of the day’s event as many wanted to sit close to have a glimpse of his presence.

Oshiobaba, a man of many parts whose developmental strides cut across every facet of life. The air felt his coming and the land bore it’s undeniable witness. So, those in fruitless efforts to supplant his leadership position fled the arena for the avoidance of shame and mockery as all stood in his honour.

The musician (Young Bolivia),was not left out of the transmutation of Oshiomole’s presence. The renowned musician could not hide his reverence for Oshiomole in a special track. It became clearer *who owns the land*
The event was an  eye-opener for the “Purported Edo Speaker” Hon.Frank Okiye who was demystified and devastated by the ovation given to Oshiomole. Infact,it was an opportunity for  Hon.Okiye to receive brief Political tutorials from the National Chairman as illustrated in the pictorials.

The Afemai Action Youth Vanguard was evidently on ground at the ceremony to accompany the National Chairman to pay last respect to the Patriarch of the Tenebe dynasty.


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