Fake Drug Manufacturing Syndicates In Lagos Busted by Police.

The IGP Intelligence Response Team working on credible intelligence stormed and raided a secret suspected fake drug Factory hidden in the residential Area of Ikotun in Lagos State where substantial production, packaging and distribution of suspected fake drug to different parts of the Country is being carried out. These dastard acts may have resulted in several deaths, health complications and physical disabilities to many victims Nationwide.

The hideout where the suspected fake drug is being illegally produced on No. 2, Okunnenye Street, Ikotun Egbe Area, Lagos State was raided on 13th December, 2018 by Operatives of the IGP Intelligence Response Team (IRT) led by the Commander of the Unit, DCP Abba Kyari where the following suspects, Emeka Madu aka Cabara 47yrs – the owner and leader of the gang operating the suspected fake drug Factory, Eze Young 26yrs, Chijoke Umunna 19yrs and Kingsley Obilo 22yrs were caught and arrested in the act of producing the suspected fake drug with the use of Machines fabricated for processing, manufacturing and packaging of the suspected fake drug. The above listed exhibits were recovered from their possession. 
The suspects confessed to the crime and admitted to the various criminal roles they played in the processing, manufacturing and packaging of suspected fake drug.
Investigation is on-going and efforts being intensified to arrest the other suspects still at large. All suspects will be arraigned in court on completion of investigation.
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