Governor Akeredolu Features in Comedy Skit Due to Coronavirus

Governor Akeredolu of Ondo state has joined the media to sensitize the public concerning the outbreak of the dreaded coronavirus. The white-bearded governor cum lawyer tested negative to covid-19 after coming in contact with one person who tested positive.

The governor has since joined the media to sensitize and educate the public on how to stay safe during this coronavirus pandemic with a comedy skit. The Southwest governor’s chairman was seen alongside popular comedian, Mallam and MC Arotele.

In the short video, the governor welcomed Mallam and MC Arotele into his office. Mallam reciprocated by trying to shake the governor which he ignored and teach them how to greet (had his hands on his chest) in this period of the outbreak.

He also asked them if they had washed their hands with soap, water and hand sanitizers before coming into the office. Governor Akeredolu was later seen at the end of the clip washing his hands with soap and water as well as cleaning with a hand sanitizer which he also shared with his august visitors.


Do stay safe and stay healthy. Remember to use the hand sanitizer and wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

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