Governor Makinde donates his entire 4 years salary to the Oyo State Teachers Pension Fund.

The mantle of leadership in Oyo state has officially changes as Engineer Oluseyi Makinde and Engineer Rauf Olaniyan have been sworn in as Governor and Deputy Governor of the state for the next four years.

The swearing-in ceremony was held at the Obafemi Awolowo Stadium, Liberty, Ibadan which accommodated top shots in the southwest political circle, religious and traditional leaders, as well as, stalwarts and members of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, in the state and southwest region.

Radio Nigeria correspondent, Oluwakayode Banjo reports that the swearing in ceremony of Governor Oluseyi Makinde was greeted with cheers and jubilation, heralding a new era in Oyo state.

                      Engineer Oluseyi Makinde, New Oyo State Governor.

In his inaugural speech, Governor Makinde said his government will be all inclusive, just, fair and the he will always act with the fear of God.

He announced the abolishment of the school levy of three thousand naira in Oyo State public schools noting that 10% of the state’s annual budget will be allocated to education.

Governor Makinde said this will be increased annually in order to meet and eventually exceed United Nations’ recommendation of 15% budgetary allocation for education.

The governor said he would fulfill his promise of donating his entire salary as Governor to the Oyo State Teachers Pension Fund.

Governor Makinde noted that he would build on the achievements of the past administration that were structured properly and benefiting to the populace.

He also said his administration will establish a commission that will cater for the welfare of People Living with Disabilities, PWDs, in the state.

The new Governor promised that his administration would ensure a cordial relationship with all labour bodies in the state.

Governor Makinde hinted that arrangement had been concluded to make Oyo state an exporter of maize to Botswana.

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