Happy Posthumous Birthday Dr Stella Adadevoh. Even Google remembered and dedicated this Doodle to you.

NIGERIA…What a country.

Not a day named after her.
Not a monument built to immortalize her.
Not any honor given in celebration of her life.
Not anything at all.

The Federal Government of Nigeria doesn’t think Stella Adadevoh has done anything worth celebrating.
Yet she died for us 😢

* But Today 27th November 2018:

#Googledoodle celebrates the life of Stella Adadevoh, the Nigerian doctor, who helped stop the spread of Ebola in the country during the 2014 outbreak.

The government of Nigeria pays its doctors 5,000 Naira as “Hazard Allowance”. That is how much value the government places on risks that any doctor gets exposed to, as a result of working in Nigeria.

In such a system, people like Stella Adadevoh are shining lights.

Thank you Stella☹️

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