Heard NTA’s “Cyril Stober” Cheated On His Former Wife, “Efunseke Merriman Johnson” With Same “Elizabeth Banu” That Led To The Crash Of His First Marriage.

I’m certain that if Cyril Stober, one of the most popular broadcasters on the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA had known what was coming his way after the pictures of his marriage with another NTA broadcaster, Elizabeth Banu went viral, he would have had a very silent marriage with his long standing lover.

Cyril Stober and Elizabeth Banu’s relationship started almost immediately the later joined the NTA as newscaster and when Cyril’s former wife, then Winifred Cyril Stober, now Efunseke Merriman Johnson got wind of what was going on, she made efforts to move herself and her three children to Abuja where Cyril worked at the headquarters of the NTA, a move Cyril and Elizabeth rebuffed vehemently, with Elizabeth quoted to have warned Cyril’s wife to stay clear of Abuja and remain in her Lagos or else, she would deal with her.

Cyril Stober 1st and new wife

Efunseke Merriman Johnson, or Winifred Cyril Stober as she was known before she got married to Cyril Stober in 1990 in what would be described as the most popular NTA weddings in those days and as the story goes, Cyril was the toast of women, infact, one of his former colleagues who pleaded a cover of identity, says that Cyril Stober had no ability to remove his eyes from anything in skirt so long as you are a woman and not even his relationship with Elizabeth Banu could stop him from frolicking with other women, both in and outside NTA.

When the marriage between Cyril and Efunseke failed, her family members requested her relocation to the UK with her three children and another she had before she married Cyril. Two of the Cyril’s children we are told are now graduates in the UK.

The story of Cyril Stober’s wayward lifestyle is one that if we start discussing today, infact Precious, you wouldn’t want to know some of the very wicked things this man did to his former wife, said a retired NTA Caster who was contemporaries with both Cyril and Efunseke in NTA.

Cyril showed Efunseke so much wickedness that one was left with no option than to ask if he ever married her or even fathered the three children they had together? No woman and I wish you spread your investigation across those of us who worked with Cyril, as no woman passed by Cyril and won’t get a toast from him, in both NTA and elsewhere. This story is better left unraveled because, its bizarre.

The wedding you are seeing today would have happened long time ago, but Elizabeth’s parents refused and I’m sure that her parents may have passed on, which is why this had to happen now after living with him like forever as both husband and boyfriend.

Another NTA former staff said that Efunkese, the former wife of Cyril Stober is a good woman from a very responsible family with values no one can fault. Infact, one of her sisters is married to Dr. Victor Oladokun, the pioneer anchor of the popular “TURNING POINT” on TV stations across Africa and because the family couldn’t bear seeing her suffer in the hands of that very wicked man called Cyril Stober, they forced her to retire from the NTA as a Principal Presenter then and had her and her children relocated to English to avoid her having a heart attack.

They would have killed her, she reiterated, but for the intervention of her family, she is safe today, with her first child married in London and two of Cyril’s children graduated, the graduation of one he attended.

Well, Cyril and Libeth are now married right? Congratulations wouldn’t be a bad thing to say to them, after-all, in these days, what one sows is what he reaps.

Cyril Stober’s former wife is now known as Winifred Efunseke Johnson or Freddie Merriman-Johnson.

Cyril Stober has retired from NTA since 2015, putting to bed a glowing illustrious career that lasted over 20 years with the TV behemoth.

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