Housemaid drugs household members, makes away with valuables.

A maid who allegedly drugged everyone in a household and made away with valuables from the house in Lekki is wanted.

The maid who is simply identified as Joy worked with her madam in Lekki for about 3 months before she drugged everyone including the security man and made away with valuables.

A bounty has now been placed on her. Anyone who finds her will be given a reward as stated in a post by blooming cruiser on social media.

Read post below.

WANTED !! Pls help retweet ,she’s my friends maid in Lekki who drugged the whole house and made away with valuables in the house .Reward for who locates her guaranteed

See her here, claims her name is JOY, they just found this picture amongst her things, she’s wearing from head to toe her madams things with no consent. Must have done this on one of her numerous trips. Please help find her she’s dangerous.

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