How can a wife just walk into a loaded beer parlour and slap her husband repeatedly.

Omo, i neva see tis type before oooh, tis wan wick me. I swear.
At a local bar within the estate, guys in groups, tables was filled with different brands of lager beer, pepper soup, peppered kpomo and other delicacies….come see argument on Kano, Sokoto and Benue Re-run.
The Next thing we heard like a thunder bolt was..
(Nna meen, na boju boju slap sound be dat Oo)
Oya, with her hand stretched out, she said – Give me back my N10,000 you took from my wallet.
“USELESS MAN, you leave me & the children at home and come and be doing big boy here, drinking beer with my money”.
The whole noisy environment, immediately was as silent as a grave-yard. (See Disgrace).
All man was open-mouthed, as the husband in question, brought out bundle of cash from his pocket handed over to the woman, she hissed, walked towards her car, and sped off.
Yeeepa! Come see discharge…some guys cross-road go piss, some rush der beer, pay their bill, zoom off, some dey talk in whispers (i no fit grab werrin dem dey discuss).
* From my observation, the husband should be in his earlier 50’s, while the wife middle 40’s.
Shock no let me remember say i carry camera phone sef, be i for fit capture images.
Within come trip me pass, na when the Mr. Husband stand up, gulped his last beer for tumbler, then apologized to the house, and ordered 2/2 bottles for all man.
He then sat back, open a new bottle and continued drinking and smoking, like nothing happened.
Trust guys nah…all man return back to the Election Re-run wahala.
God dey create some ‘Gentlemen’ sha.
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