How Our Ancestors Affect Us

Life is what we make of it, so it is said. It is very much so with ancestors as well. Your ancestors can be a source of inspiration, help and protection or a source of trouble, chaos and obstruction in your life — it’s all up to you! Most people have no idea how powerful the hidden influence of their ancestors is on the life they are living. Many of the problems you are having today might be caused by your ancestors or by you not handling them properly.

Many persistent and “unsolvable” problems in your life — though not necessarily caused by your ancestors — could easily be overcome with your ancestors’ help — if only you knew how to contact them and harness their power.
It has been said that not feeding one’s ancestors is the root cause of poverty! Could it be that we are having global poverty because — among other things — we have lost the sacred traditions of communing with and feeding our ancestors?

Have we perhaps been intentionally cut off from our spiritual benefactors, the protectors of our clans?

I fear this is so, not just by coincidence but by design. Otherwise, if ancestors are so important to us, as many ancient traditions from cultures all over the world are telling us, why have we never been told about this? In my opinion this is part of the ongoing intentional discrediting of sacred knowledge with the goal of disempowering humanity through false religions, fear mongering, ridicule and obscuring of all true spiritual knowledge which could lead to empowerment and self-governance.

Ask yourself honestly, how do you feel when you read my words? How do you feel about my suggestion to work with the dead, with spirits? Are you afraid? Do you think it is evil? Does it freak you out because it brings to mind certain trashy Hollywood movies which totally distort the truth about the spiritual realm? Most people are so conditioned by religion and by the brainwash media that anything to do with spirits either is taboo or really scares them. Both death and spirits have been declared “the enemy” by the media and the medical egregore. People whose organs have long given up are artificially kept alive instead of allowing them the mercy of death by switching the machines off. Countless horror movies show evil spirits going after people, even killing them. As a result people have a very distorted view and unreasonable fears of anything to do with death, spirits and the realm of the dead.

The fear mongering by the media and prosecution by the Church has led to people forgetting all the traditional ancestral passing-over rites of their cultures which in turn has created a huge problem in the astral realm. More and more souls are becoming earthbound, due to this gross negligence and ignorance about death, the dead, and the truth about our ancestors. I feel that it is time now for all of us who love freedom and life to reconnect with the power of our ancestors so they can protect us in these difficult and troublesome times, and so that they can get healed, and through healing them we also heal ourselves, our families and ultimately our society.

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