How Ritualist, Business Men Consult ‘ALA NWANYI ASABA’ For Stupendous Wealth.

Bizarre activities thriving behind closed doors in Asaba, Delta has continued to elicit pains and shocking experiences.

In the last three years, desperate and high spirit for money making among the youths of Asaba including top businessmen across the country, portends horrendous sorrows; an aftermath of their involvement in “high power rituals” with a view to getting wealthy in stupendous manners.

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This strong indications are hard within the last three years of these “desperado” presented them with untimely deaths. Expectedly, these youths who also in the past strongly rely on sale of lands in Asaba and its environs, chant a sing song: “Egodinaofia”(meaning money speaks at all times in their local language), and in most cases allegedly indulged in fetish activities during their tall dream adventure.

It was reliably gathered that apart from their desperate ways of selling lands, they allegedly patronize highly placed native doctors who instructively teach them how to bath with corpses’ water including visiting cemeteries at wee hours to allegedly invoke spirit power; “Ala Nwayi Asaba(a spiritual deity within the River-Niger Bank with long breasts that portend super wealth when privileged to suck the breasts).

It was further learnt that following the scarcity of land for sale in Asaba and its environs, these desperate youths who are also into ritual activities that will catapult them into unprecedented wealth have reportedly shifted to Ala Nwayi Asaba and are willing to pay the price.

Investigation revealed that Ala Nwayi Asaba evolves procedures to sucking it, and get rich quickly. One of such is to die after ten years.

An elder statesman in Asaba Ogbueshi Fidelis Eluaka said: “those days, Ala Nwayi Asaba gives freely after sucking the breast, but one had to be initiated into certain ritual performance, but not to kill.

Those in the know said patrons of the spiritual gods increase by the day, particularly among businessmen and ritualists whose dream is to be very rich, and nothing more. With deaths of the youths on the increase in Asaba and its environs, indications are that many of them signed into ritual activities.

Further investigations revealed that those youths who allegedly submitted to sucking Ala Nwayi Asaba are currently stupendously ricg and have built several hotels in Asaba, Lagos and Abuja.

Asaba and its environs bubble with exotic cars paraded by these youths in their early thirties during December and New Year periods.

Only recently, the Police arrested some suspected ritualists around Okwe Quarters in Asaba who upon interrogation confessed to the crime, adding that they were into ritual activities as a result of poverty.

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