I made this at home sometime ago but forgot to share, or maybe thought it wasn’t relevant to this group. But on a second thought, apart from it’s regular use, you can use it to disinfect your kitchen towels, napkins and floors. The aim of posting is to encourage us keep the hygiene in our homes.

Chemicals Required:

1. Pine Oil – 1/2 litre
2. Phenol. – 1/4 litre
3. Texapon – 1/4 litre
4. Chrosanol – 1/4 litre
5. I.P.A. – 2 litres
6. Colour – To preference
7. Water – 2 litres

Process of production:

STEP. 1. Get your mixing bowl and turning stick ready, Pour your Pine oil into the mixing bowl.

STEP. 2. Mix Phenol and Texapon together properly.

STEP. 3. Then pour the mix phenol and Texapon into the mixing bowl and stir very well.

STEP. 4. Add the Chrosanol into it and stir.

STEP. 5. Add the I. P. A and stir.

STEP. 6. Add the Dettol colour and stir.

STEP 7. Finally pour water and mix everything together and make sure you stir this solution very well.

After some minutes it is ready to filter into your container and store for use.

You can get the chemicals from any shop where chemicals for making liquid soap etc are sold. And of course it’s economical, you don’t have to break a bank. Prices may differ depending on your location, so find out.

I hope this is helpful to someone!

                             Anabel Essang

By: Anabel Essang.

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