I need your advise: “Is it right for a Wife To Refuse her Husband’s Sex demands”?

I was with a friend last night and what he told me really got me thinking! We (myself and him) really need your advice before things goes awry!
What? You may ask.

~ Here is the story ~

He is married to his sweet heart of so many years and they are presently having sex problem!

She seems to detest sex since their engagement and subsequent marriage!

I asked if it had always been that way and he answered in the negative.
Before this time it (sex) was really an exciting and wonderful experience
as it was something they both looked forward to.

He confided in me that one of the reason(s) (apart) from love was
because he thought they were very compactable in bed as
she seemed to be on the same wavelength with him sexually
and he saw this as good since he would not want to cheat when married
but all that had changed since he married her.

Severally he told me that he had had to go get his sexual appetite
satisfied by some of his old chicks and this really makes him feel bad afterward.

He has tried discussing the issue with her severally but she feels that he complains unnecessary!

People a word for a troubled pal please.


Thank you.

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