I was sorry for my country, but now I am done.

I have come to realize that our leaders are the practical representation of who we (masses) really are…SELFISH, SELF CENTERED AND HEDONISTIC.
Oby Ezekwesili.
I caught @obyezeks a while ago on instgram taking questions from some citizens on what she intends to do and I was really impressed thinking “yes, this is how things should be done”. Nigerians must realise that those who intend to serve them must be willing to engage and discuss.
Anyone who’s not ready to be questioned or subject themselve to the scrutiny of a debate has no business in leadership!
As a Nigerian, i am convinced we as a people, actually know what is good for us. What I can’t figure out is why we just always choose to go with bad politicians, even when we know and have identified them as BAD?
We have people with good track records. Intelligent, brilliant and tested individuals in Nigeria, but no! We either prefer one who is from our own tribe, religion or supports our selfishness.
We don’t require education to have SENSE.
God won’t come down to fix Nigeria, Nigerians have that responsibility.
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