Inappropriate Action: Regina Daniels smoking Shisha in front of a minor, 2Face’s daughter (Video)

Music icon, Davido had a timeout with young Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels, and music legend, 2Face Idibia’s daughter was there too. Amazingly, the young Nollywood diva indulged her guilty pleasure right there before them.

It has been a shocking thing to many Nigerians that the young actress could bring herself to do such a thing in the presence of 2Face Idibia’s little daughter. Regina, who welcomed Davido and 2Face Idibia’s daughter at her husband’s apartment, recklessly smoked Shisha in front of Davido and the little girl. Many have considered this inappropriate.


While seeing Regina Daniels smoking Shisha was nothing strange to Davido, it definitely is something strange to 2Face Idibia’s daughter who has possibly never caught her dad smoking, though he is known to be a chain smoker. But Regina Daniels couldn’t care less about that. After all, it was her husband’s house and she could do anything there.

But her action has been hugely condemned by her fans and other Nigerians who set eyes on the picture of her performing the dastardly act. Now it is feared that 2Face’s daughter might want to emulate her in the nearest future.

Regina Daniels became a subject of intense criticism, following her marriage to a 59-year-old former House of Representative member, Ned Nwoko.

She has since gone on to establish a special bond between herself and her step kids as they have been seen on numerous occasions stepping out together.

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