Ini Edo Delivers Baby Girl Through Surrogate

Veteran Nigerian actress Ini Edo don welcome baby girl through surrogacy and she say she go through dis procedure sake of she and her baby peace of mind.

For one interview wey she grant Stella Korkus, Edo say na she get di egg wey dem inseminate inside di surrogate mother and di sperm na donor get am.

Di popular actress say she use donor sperm sake of say she no wan experience di kind controversy wey dey happen wen father and mother dey fight ontop who go take di pikin if di relationship don scatter.

She say she bin no wan talk about di child until she reach one year old but pipo no allow dat plan to work.

Surrogacy meaning?

Surrogacy na wen woman carry pikin of anoda woman for her belle. Na two type of surrogacy dey.

Di first one na traditional surrogacy. Dis type na wen di surrogate mother receive di father sperm through insemination. Di surrogate na di baby biological mama sake of say na her egg di sperm fertilise.

Di second type of surrogacy na gestational surrogacy. Dis na wen di baby mama use her own egg wey di father sperm or donor sperm go fertilise. Dem go kon place di embryo inside di uterus of di surrogate mother. Di surrogate mother no get any genetic link with di pikin. She just helep dem carry am.

‘I go recommend am for women’

Ini say surrogacy na expensive procedure but di experience dey awesome sake of say she dey watch her daughter grow every day.

Di actress tok say she go recommend surrogacy for every woman wey dey try conceive naturally but dey find am difficult.

She bin reveal say she get some miscarriage in di past but dat one no be di reason why she use surrogacy take welcome her pikin.

Edo say she still hope to carry her baby for her womb in di future.

“I chose this path to fulfill my dream of becoming a mother. I still have a good number of eggs frozen in case I decide to do surrogacy again or carry my baby myself.”

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