Inside Life: Who sabi China? Imagine Nigeria Churches As Production Factories

Imagine if all the church buildings in Nigeria are converted to production factories and industries, producing quality goods and services. Who born China to be industrial capital of the world.

China got to where they are today through hard work producing quality goods and services and export it all over the world.

But what we have in Nigeria are church factories that produce nothing, pays no taxes, make so much money from her members and gives back nothing to the economy.

Rather they invest their money in building more church factories that will produce nothing, pay no taxes, make so much money from her members. It’s a cycle and it keeps expanding producing nothing.

Remember the great China of today was once the poorest country in 1990, look at who they are today number 1 economy in the world.

What has the church done to cure Corona virus, how many churches are producing ventilators and face masks or are investing in research to bring about the cure of the pandemic.

As I speak to you, all big GOs have isolated.

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