Islamic Movement of Nigeria says all is not well with their leader Ibrahim El zakzaky in India.

The group disclosed during a Press briefing today that Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Zeenah are no longer safe in Medanta Hospital where they have been admitted.

The IMN says the security operatives who escorted the couple to India are refusing to allow the doctors requested by the Sheikh to treat him and his wife.

Members Of Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Press Briefing.

The Shi’ites accuse the Nigerian government of acting contrary to the order given by the kaduna high Court.

Indian government said they were shocked by the unruly, uncompromising, uncooperative and irresponsible behaviours of Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.

He was reported to be insisting on being kept in a 5-star hotel, requesting the removal of securities attached to him, refusing to allow doctors assigned to attend to him to do their job, insisting on being allowed to receive unusual numbers of visitors at all times, and making unfounded insinuations about being unsafe in the hands of Indian government.

This is a man said to be sick and being moved around in wheelchair. A man on whose behalf renowned lawyers, opposition politicians, and their supporters were insulting Buhari. Now having been allowed to go for surgery and treatment, he is asking to be kept in a hotel rather than a hospital, and instead of being on bed rest, he is insisting on receiving uncontrolled numbers of visitors.

Now the Indian government have threatened that they will return him back to Nigeria. They warned that they would not allow him internationalize his sect in their country. I guess the Indian authorities have noticed that some of his followers have taken their tent to India in solidarity.

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