I’ve learnt my lessons, Says Female Police constable in leaked sex tape.

Bad situations sometimes serve as life-changing moments for those who draw lessons from what may have happened to them being it good or bad and reform thereafter.

Such is the story of the young female police constable at the center of a leaked sex tape who made major headlines last week over the unfortunate incident

A remorseful junior officer of the law disclosed that she has learnt her lessons and is sorry for the embarrassment the video may have caused her immediate family and friends promising it would never happen

Sources revealed that video was meant for her boyfriend based in Italy as earlier reported by MyNewsGh.com but she was finding some challenges in sending it through whatsapp and sought the assistance of friend.

Unknown to her, the friend sent a copy to himself which he later tried using to blackmail her and when she could not raise the stated amount, he released it to close friends who in turn showed it to others before it went viral.

“I am very sorry for my conduct but this is what really happened. I am pulling myself to together and have learnt a lot of lessons. I do not even think I will want to own a phone with a camera”, she revealed.

The mother of one confirmed she recorded the video weeks ago which was intended for her boyfriend only identified as James, a Ghanaian based in Italy but it unfortunately landed in the wrong hands culminating in the leakage.

A close relation had earlier told MyNewsGh.com the sister after dumping the father of her child who is also a policeman, started seeing this James gentleman and it was during one of their interactions he demanded such a video to feast his eyes.

Being overly consumed by love, the police constable produced the video but instead of sending it to the fiancé in question, she mistakenly sent it to James’ friend but before it could be deleted, he had downloaded it and started the forwarding it to others.

Out of shame after the video went viral, she abandoned her official duties and has relocated to a town in the Bono East Region and changed her phone numbers though relations are said to be in touch.

The lady revealed she is going through counseling and will soon overcome the trauma.

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