Jesu!!! Alhaja Flawless no go kill person…A Woman Security Tips.

* Sad reality, but it’s better safe than sorry.

If a plumber or electrician wants to fix something in my apartment, I wait outside and peep from there. I wouldn’t be caught dead in the house with a man. If he likes let him steal while he’s in there alone. I won’t mind.

Walking in the evening and a man is behind me? I cross to the other side. Sitting in public transport, I know how to use my bag and shoulders to cover my breasts so that one bastard won’t cop a feel.

Inside Uber? I sit directly behind the driver, ready to strangle him from the back with my bra strap or bag handle if he tries to be funny.

Going home with okada or keke? Alight three buildings away so that would-be stalkers won’t know my actual house.

At a party? My eyes are peeled to my drink and if I as much as sneeze and it’s not in my sight for one second, I’m not drinking again.

Jogging early in the morning? Lmaooooo. That’s not even an option please.

This is the reality for most women. We carry tasers, pepper spray, rape whistles and all sort of makeshift weapons. Stop telling women to be careful to avoid rape or murder, because they already are.

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